In Sanskrit, SRIJAN means "Creations".
    Also at believes that "Every Talent Needs an Outlet
    "Every Sprout Needs a Pore in Soil to grow into a tree"

    SRIJAN TRUST is Non – Government and non profit organisation, established in 1996 under the Public Trust Act, working in the field of Entrepreneurship Development, to boost Industry-Institute Interaction movement and enable Technology Transfer.

    SRIJAN harnesses problem-solving aptitude and attitude, and the belief that knowledge means understanding and not a collection of facts. `

    SRIJAN empower s students to make their own decisions regarding education and choice of career.

    SRIJAN encourages & motivates students develop challenging, indigenous, user-friendly, economical technology to serve all cross sections of society. `

    SRIJAN ultimately aims at developing ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

    We believe that `Entrepreneurship` is a way of life.

    Srijan exists to deepen student`s understanding for learning, show students how learning is meaningful and how proper application of technology can establish win-win situation for the entire society.